Tracking Cloud™ Success Stories

We have helped numerous companies from various industries to streamline their business processes with Tracking Cloud™ and our innovative solutions.

Our customers range from Finnish SME’s to global Listed Companies – our solutions can be tailored to meet the individual needs of each customer no matter the size or shape of the business.

Read more about some of our Success Stories below!


the solution

A digital wrapper around Europress’s Maintenance & Field Service processes powered by Tracking Cloud™ Intelligent Assets & Service solution package.

The solution creates a clear big picture of Europress’s maintenance locations, equipment, field technicians, and maintenance orders. Dispatchers and managers have all the essential information available in real-time and can efficiently allocate tasks to field technicians, monitor their statuses, and make sure planned schedules are met.

Results & Benefits

Easy allocation and monitoring of tasks

Visualized map tools

Cost savings with automated processes

increased efficiency of field technicians

Easy real-time information sharing

Improved customer engagement


3 countries

150 users

over 10 000 maintenance locations

the solution

A digital wrapper around the heavy-duty machinery of ANDRITZ. The solution gathers condition data from machinery with IoT-enabled sensors and combines it with data from PLC systems. The information is shared in real-time with all stakeholders.

This allows 24/7 monitoring of machine health statuses, easy & accurate reporting, predictive maintenance recommendations and maximized machine uptime & efficiency.

Results & Benefits

24/7 monitoring of machinery health status

Maximized machine uptime

increased production performance

Overall cost savings

easy real-time information sharing

predictive maintenance recommendations


End-users in 3 continents

Remote support with ANDRITZ's experts

Full offline capabilities

the solution

A Digital Wrapper and Cloud Service around Bufab’s VMI processes for C-Parts powered by Tracking Cloud™ VMI, Spare Parts & Warehousing solution package.

Bufab has launched a new cloud service running on Bluugo’s Tracking Cloud™ platform. The service provides Bufab’s customers with transparent real-time visibility of their C-Parts racks, bins and consumption levels. It also automates labor intensive manual tasks such as taking inventory and placing refill orders.

Results & Benefits

Customized dashboards of consumption and stock lev

Decreased amount of manual work

Digitalized supply chain as a service for customer


20 countries and expanding

24/7 Service

the solution

An award-winning solution that predicts the arrival and departure times of flights at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport hours in advance with accuracy of few minutes. Powered by Machine Learning and Tracking Cloud™ Supply Chain Tracking & Optimization solution package.

The visibility of delay times hours in advance helps Swissport to make decisions and allocate personnel many hours in advance based on reliable data. The data is shared across the airport enabling collaborative decision making so planes leave on time, which greatly benefits Swissport, the airline companies and passengers.

Results & Benefits

Better allocation of personnel resources

significant cost-savings

real-time information sharing

Improved transparency & customer engagement

Winner of an international aviation award


1,2 million timestamps per day

Over 100 000 flights per year

13 million passengers per year

the solution

A Digital Ordering System powered by Bluugo’s Tracking Cloud™platform creates a digital wrapper around Valtasiirto’s Industrial Park Vehicle Loading & Unloading processes.

The solution allows 3rd party transportation companies to book time slots for vehicle loading directly from Tracking Cloud™. All essential information is shared in real-time with all stakeholders, enabling efficient planning of the loading times, proactive preparation for rush hours and real-time delivery tracking.

Results & Benefits

Real-time delivery tracking

Decreased delays on deliveries

Proactive preparation for rush hours

Enables machine learning powered optimization

Easy real-time information sharing

Decreased waiting times for vehicle loading

Used by both Valtasiirto and their customers

Customer's Comments

“Loading Services are an integral addition to our service catalogue and a key factor in effective use of available resources. We wanted to develop the Loading Services to be more open and transparent for our customers – the Digital Ordering System created on Bluugo’s Tracking Cloud™ platform was a big step to the right direction!”

- Ville Saari, CEO of Valtasiirto

the solution

A new digital service called Easyparts, developed in collaboration with Harrasteosa and powered by Bluugo’s Tracking Cloud™ platform.

With Tracking Cloud’s modern integrations, the entire product catalogue of Harrasteosa’s suppliers is available on a single platform with price, availability, and product information. Identical supplier items are automatically combined.

The solution enables local entrepreneurs to easily browse, find, and order parts to their stores from Harrasteosa and its suppliers, instead of having to use physical brand product catalogues and public search engines.

Results & Benefits

Easy-to-use digital sales tools

Transparent view of all available product options

More sales, less time searching for products

Store-specific Inventory optimization

Store-specific demand forecasting


Over 100 000 products under a single catalogue

11 shop locations and counting

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