Streamlined Maintenance & Services

Seamless & fast digital services will be one of the greatest competitive advantages of the future.

Tracking Cloud™ covers all the required software, hardware and technology to transform your maintenance & field service processes into a streamlined digital format.

Connect all your stakeholders under a single platform, automate labor-intensive manual processes and boost your efficiency significantly!



Every maintenance solution out there promises this, but we actually have the tools for it.

Monitor your orders, targets and provisioning on technician-level and speed up your order-to-cash cycle with automated order handling, invoicing & reporting!

Receive automated notifications & alerts

Automatically monitor your maintenance locations with the latest IoT-technology.

Detect issues and receive automated notifications and alerts when maintenance action is required in one of your maintenance locations.


Keep everyone
on track

No more endless phone calls and e-mail status checks. Connect all stakeholders to Tracking Cloud™ without additional costs and automatically share essential information in real-time.

Customers can monitor their order statuses independently, field technicians receive work orders directly to their mobile devices and management has a clear big picture 24/7.

manual order handling

Cut down the amount of manual work with automated order handling, work scheduling, technician dispatching, hour reporting and customer invoicing.

For example, incoming work orders can be handled according to urgency and customer-specific contracts and assigned to the nearest available technician completely automatically.


See into the future with predictive maintenance

Tracking Cloud™ uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to predict upcoming failures in your maintenance locations.

You can turn your maintenance processes from reactive to proactive, minimize machinery downtime and schedule orders days in advance.

Combine cutting-edge technologies

Tracking Cloud™ utilizes a variety of technologies to achieve the best results in every use case and environment.

NB-IoT, RFID, NFC, computer vision, machine learning, GPS, geofencing, QR codes, bar codes... You name it, we got it.

Our experts choose the best combination of technologies for each use case with decades of hands-on experience across numerous industries!


Easy to use with
any device

Tracking Cloud™ is a Progressive Web Application. It is very easy to use, works on all devices and operating systems, does not require downloads from app stores and keeps itself automatically updated.

Thanks to its offline functionality, Tracking Cloud™ works even when there is no internet connection available.

in weeks

Tracking Cloud™ includes all required software, technology and equipment as a part of our end-to-end service package.

No more micro-managing multiple partners and contemplating on technical details – we will help you implement new solutions in a matter of weeks!


Success Stories

Intelligent Maintenance & Field Services with Tracking Cloud™

Heavy-duty Asset Tracking with Tracking Cloud™

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