Digitalized material flow tracking

Track your orders, shipments, materials, vehicles, containers, pallets – whatever you need to!

Tracking Cloud™ enables companies to track their material flows in each phase of the process, automate critical transactions, and share essential information with all stakeholders in real-time.

Our ready-to-run solution package includes all the essential software, technology, and equipment. We’ll get you up and running lightning fast!


manual transactions

In challenging business environments, even one manual transaction can be too much. Tracking Cloud™ automates the transactions in every phase of your logistic processes with the latest technologies like IoT, RFID, Geofencing, and Computer Vision.

Check out our whitepaper about choosing the best technologies for your business:

"9 things to consider when choosing identification technologies"

Know where your goods are 24/7

Track your vehicles, containers and orders in real-time. On top of location and timestamps, you can collect environmental data such as temperature, humidity, and acceleration.


Keep everyone
on track

No more endless phone calls and e-mail status checks. Connect your customers, their customers, subcontractors, suppliers and all other stakeholders without additional costs and give them secure access to essential information in real-time.

Eliminate blind spots in your processes

Collect timestamps from each transaction in your material flow. Tracking Cloud’s Dynamic Dashboard tools offer real-time visualization of your pivotal KPIs and are designed to be easily modifiable and customizable for different user groups.

Read more in our blog:

"Are out-of-date dashboard tools slowing down your business?"


& optimize

Tracking Cloud’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools allow you to predict and optimize your processes based on reliable data.

You can e.g. predict the arrival and departure time of your shipments and vehicles hours in advance and proactively plan the use of your personnel resources.

Learn more on our Machine Learning & AI page.

Combine cutting-edge technologies

Tracking Cloud™ utilizes a variety of technologies to achieve the best results in every use case and environment.

NB-IoT, RFID, NFC, computer vision, machine learning, GPS, geofencing, QR codes, data matrixes, bar codes... You name it, we got it.

Our experts choose the best combination of technologies for each use case with decades of hands-on experience across numerous industries!

Read more in our blog:

"How to choose the best identification technology for a digital solution?"


Works on all devices
even with no internet

Tracking Cloud™ is extremely easy to deploy even in demanding B2B environments.

As a Progressive Web Application, It works on all devices and operating systems, does not require downloads from app stores, and keeps itself automatically updated.

Thanks to its advanced offline functionality, Tracking Cloud™ works even when there is no internet connection available. When a connection is re-established, all updated data is synchronized automatically.

Learn more about offline functionality here.

in weeks

Tracking Cloud™ includes all required software, technology and equipment as a part of our end-to-end service package.

No more micro-managing multiple partners and contemplating on technical details – we will help you implement new solutions in a matter of weeks!


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